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Business / Community / Environment / Health & wellbeing


Business / Community / Education / Environment / Health & wellbeing


Volunteering is a great way to share your skills while making a difference in your local community. Throughout the year we have projects and events that need support.

    The Camden Clean Air Initiative is a non-profit action group aiming to improve air quality across the Borough of Camden. By working closely with the entire community, including schools, businesses, and residents, as well as the local authority, we provide resources and support alongside our clean air projects.

    Our mission is to improve air quality across the Borough of Camden.


    Our vision is that nobody living, working, or studying in Camden has to breathe toxic air and that Camden becomes a clean, green and safe community for all.

    This is how we plant to achieve this:

    • Reduce vehicle emissions across Camden
    • Educate young people on air pollution to encourage positive behavioural change
    • Create a safer and greener community
    • Transform the Borough of Camden into a centre of excellence in sustainability