What is The Camden Clean Air Initiative?

An ambitious, not-for-profit action group working to increase the quality of air in the Borough of Camden. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Camden’s air quality dramatically improved. Walking on our streets became more enjoyable as there were fewer cars on the road and toxins in the air. We’ve set up The Camden Clean Air Initiative to maintain these improvements, tackle the air pollution crisis, and spark behavioural change.

Working closely with all community stakeholders (including residents, businesses, community groups and local government) we run borough-wide initiatives, provide resources, and act as a voice for all those who care about Camden.

We work across 4 key areas of Camden:




Hospitality Businesses

Our Vision

Camden Clean Air has 10 long-term projects that will help us achieve our vision for a cleaner Camden. We aim to transform Camden into a haven for walking and cycling, work with local government and major Camden-based companies, champion borough-wide initiatives and policy change, to create a cleaner Camden for all. Your efforts to reduce vehicle emissions and spend more time on bike or foot will be rewarded with a safer, cleaner environment.

Through our Get Involved page, we offer many ways for each and every person in Camden to make a difference. We believe, however, that these efforts will only be rewarded if combined with some larger successes. We promise you, the people of Camden, that we will work alongside you to bring about lasting change.

Join Us

Become a member of The Camden Clean Air Initiative and help us achieve our vision of a Cleaner Camden. As a member, you will receive a step-by-step guide to living a greener, cleaner life, as well as numerous resources you can put to use inside your home or workplace. Other perks include discounts to local companies, early bird invites to our events and festivals, and constant updates about our progress and the changes happening in your area.

You can also support the Initiative by become a Camden Clean Air Partner.

Camden Clean Air Map

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