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Chalcots Estate

Chalcots Estate

The Chalcots Estate consists of 6 tower blocks in Swiss Cottage. The Estate is currently undergoing major construction. This provides an opportunity for environmental measures to be put in place as part of the improvements already being made to the Towers. Camden Clean Air are working with the Project Managers to recommend, support, and activate these environmental measures. 

Community Engagement

As with all our projects, it is vital that there is community buy-in to ensure the success, longevity, and sustainability of a project. This is why we have included residents of the Chalcots Estate with this project from the start. This has involved speaking with residents at summer events, distributing surveys to gather data, and running workshops and myth-busting sessions. This engagement has allowed us to understand the challenges and potential solutions, and put together a proposal based on resident opinion.

Bike storage

The first recommendation is to renovate and improve the bike storage facilities to encourage active travel. These storage areas need to be safe for both the bikes and the users, as well as tidy and welcoming. 

EV charge points

The second recommendation is the installation of EV charge points in the underground car parks. When residents were asked what the key barriers were to them purchasing an EV, the majority said lack of charging infrastructure. 


Increasing green space is an important step in reducing air pollution, increasing biodiversity, and improving wellbeing. Our final recommendation will be to re-wild some space around the tower blocks with the help of the residents. 

Current bike storage area
Space for EV charging
The BeeLine team