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CAPS Project

The Community Air Pollution Sensor Project

The mission of CAPS is to turn apathy into action, empowering communities to tackle issues around their local environments through citizen science and collective action. We have a vision that no-one will breathe dirty air and that our communities will have the tools to tackle this issue and campaign for change. The CAPS Project teaches students about air quality and how to build portable air quality sensors to monitor and track pollution. 

Overview of workshops

1. Theory

Learning about air pollution, its causes, the dangers, and the solutions.

2. Tech

Building, wiring, soldering, and assembling the air pollution sensors. 

3. Data

Learning code to access the air quality data collected by the sensors. 


Phase 1: Pilot

During the pilot were able to test our workshops with 2 schools to assess the quality of the content and sensors, as well as gather important feedback from the students.

Phase 2: Growth

Following the successful pilot project and the brilliant feedback we gathered, we are now improving the sensors, improving the content, and digitising the programme. With our brand new website and all the content uploaded, teachers will be able to deliver the programme without us.

Phase 3: Launch

Phase 3 is the final stage. At this point we will have a final sensor, beautiful content, and a developed business plan. The Programme will be ready to launch across London.


“My favourite bit was the building, the assembling, because I didn’t know how to solder so that’s a new skill I learnt. Considering I’m also going to do D.T for GCSE, I think that’s going to be really helpful for later on. I also liked the coding because I’ve never coded in C, I’ve done a bit on python so now I’ve tried out C I know how different it is but I can see the similarities as well so that was really interesting to see.”
Year 9 student