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Camden Eco Champions

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1 February 2022 | 19 minutes

Episode 12: Camden Eco Champion Winners

Jeffrey Young is joined by the winners of the Camden Eco Champion Awards 2021 to discuss their achievements and work that has impressed the community and the panel of judges. In this inspiring episode, we hear about the range of ways an individual can positively impact the environment around them, and the simple changes we can make to become eco-conscious citizens.

Read more about the Camden Eco Champion Awards here where you will find information on how to nominate someone for this year’s event.


Alfie Cooper Brass, Winner of the Mini Warriors Category

Ava Lang, Winner of the Junior Heroes Category

Global Generation, Winner of the Local Leaders Category

Alfie Cooper Brass
Winner of the Mini Warriors Category

A year 6 student at St. Paul’s Primary in Primrose Hill, Alfie has been prolific in his quest for a culture of sustainability in his local community. He has created his “Be a Planet Superstar” programme, encouraged everyone around him to be more planet aware, crowdfunded that has led to the planting of 4000 trees- he’s even convinced his family to go vegetarian- and a whole lot more.

Ava Lang
Winner of the Junior Heroes Category

Ava Lang, a final year student at UCS and a key member of her school’s green impact society, delivered a full analysis of the sustainable options to change her school’s energy provider. She was also selected by the Lead researcher at Oxford University to present her ideas on sustainability and delivered a presentation in a pop-up exhibition during the COP-26 summit.

Global Generation
Winner of the Local Leaders Category

Finally we are joined by Jane Riddiford and Sharin Sultana from Global Generation, an educational charity in the heart of Camden that connects people of all ages to nature in the middle of our city.