We are delighted to announce our partnership with Google.

Here’s why Google is involved in The Camden Clean Air Initiative, why we’re proud to have them support us, and a little more about them.

Why you support The Camden Clean Air Initiative?

We are proud to support The Camden Clean Air Initiative as it finds ways to help local businesses and communities work towards a carbon-free future.

Sustainability has been a core value for Google since our founding. We were the first major company to become carbon neutral for our operations back in 2007, the first to achieve 100% renewable energy match 2017, and we are the first company to announce a goal to run our entire operations carbon-free 24/7 by 2030.

Learn more at https://sustainability.google/

What are your plans for being involved?

We hope to help by helping to spread awareness of more sustainable choices, contributing to some of the initiatives that The Camden Clean Air Initiative is working on.

What do you love most about Camden?

We are proud to be neighbours to so many creative, passionate communities and institutions.

A little more about Google

Google opened its first office in the UK in 2003 and is run under the leadership of UK Managing Director Ronan Harris. Google builds tools that help people, businesses, and organisations achieve those small, everyday tasks and those big, life-changing goals. From getting updates on a football match on your mobile to learning new skills to make a business idea or charity a reality, you can do more every day with a little help from Google.

Google Funded Our CAPS Project

Thanks to Google we have been able to bring one of our most educational projects to life. The Community Air Pollution Sensors (CAPS) Project provides a unique opportunity for school pupils to play an active role in measuring air quality and engaging with the results. Google supported out initial pilot project in two schools in Camden, Regent High School, and UCS Senior School. We had an amazing response from all the students involved, their passion and enthusiasm has played a vital role in expanding this project to even more schools in he near future.

To find out more about our CAPS Project click this link.

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