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Sofar Sounds

19 June 2023 | 27 minutes

Episode 24: Sofar Sounds

Join us on this captivating episode of Camdeners as we delve into the world of live music and its transformation with none other than Rafe Offer, the visionary Founder of Sofar Sounds. Immerse yourself in an inspiring conversation that uncovers the genesis, evolution, and impact of Sofar Sounds, a global movement redefining the live music experience. Sofar Sounds brings people together to create space where music matters, often in unique and intimate venues. Rafe talks about Sofar Sounds starting with a gig in his living room, to its growth across 400 cities around the world and 1,000 gigs a month. Whether you’re an avid live music enthusiast, a budding artist seeking inspiration, or simply curious about the power of community-driven experiences, this episode of Camdeners with Rafe Offer is not to be missed. Tune in and embark on a sonic journey that will forever change the way you perceive and appreciate live music.


Rafe Offer, Founder of Sofar Sounds

Rafe Offer has led teams and innovation at some of the world’s best known brands – as a Global Marketing Director of Coca-Cola, Director of Global Marketing at The Walt Disney Company and a Director of Innovation for global drinks giant Diageo. Now an entrepreneur, he is the Co-Founder of global music start-up Sofar Sounds.

Described by the Guardian as “a quiet revolution” and New York Magazine as “one of the top new brands in America”, Sofar Sounds promotes music gigs in intimate spaces around the world. The brand has seen investment from Sir Richard Branson and announced major partnerships with the likes of Airbnb and Uber.

Chicago-born, Rafe Offer now lives and works in London.