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Harry George

21 June 2021 | 25 minutes

Episode 6: Harry George

Jeffrey Young is joined by Harry George, owner of Hidden Coffee on Camden Road who talks about his life and work in Camden, and particularly his coffee shop, Hidden Coffee. They discuss how Harry supports the most vulnerable of groups, including people with disabilities, refugees, the homeless, and young offenders, through training and guidance at his coffee shop. This inspiring episode explores the good of the Camden people and spotlights Hidden Coffee as a business that does a lot more than just serve coffee.


Harry George, Owner of Hidden Coffee

Harry George is a social entrepreneur with a track record of building profitable businesses that deliver impact and outcomes for a variety of disadvantaged groups including people with disabilities, refugees, the homeless, and young offenders. He owns and operates Hidden Coffee on Camden Road, where many of these groups are supported.

As a Camden local with deep roots in the area, he is keen to engage with isolated communities within the Borough whilst using his network and business knowledge to reach traditionally disenfranchised groups. He is also a trustee of Voluntary Action Camden and volunteers with several other organisations across London.