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6 January 2023 | 20 minutes

Episode 19: Google

Jeffrey Young is joined by Anna Williams, Geo for Environment at Google. They discuss the role she plays, how Google is leading the way in sustainability, the support they are giving to the local community, and the other perks involved with working for such a well-known company. This insightful episode explores sustainability, community, the corporate world, and of course, Camden.


Anna Williams, Geo for Environment at Google

Anna lives in London and leads solutions for Google’s Environmental Insights Explorer (EIE) in Europe, Middle East and Africa. In this role, she works with cities and partners to support their climate action efforts with EIE data and insights. Prior to her work on EIE, Anna worked with global advertisers to improve the performance of their media campaigns with data-driven products at both Facebook and Google. Anna holds a Bachelor of Arts from Depauw University, an MBA from Indiana University, and a Master of Nutrition Science and Policy (MNSP) from Tufts University.