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Food For All

11 June 2021 | 32 minutes

Episode 4: Food For All

Jeffrey Young is joined by Jennie Matthias and Lawrence Speelman from Food For All. Jennie and Lawrence discuss the amazing work Food For All has done to feed the Camden community during the pandemic and about how it feels to win the Camden COVID Champions award. This inspiring episode reveals the goodwill of people in our community and moments of humanity during a difficult time for those most vulnerable.


Jennie Matthias and Lawrence Speelman, Food For All

Jennie Matthias

Jennie Matthias is the manager of Food For All Food Hubs throughout the Camden Covid period. Jennie has been working with and supporting Food for All for over 20 years. Her work has included securing buildings, linking with corporates for away day events, running their charity shop, and providing platforms to accommodate the much needed Food Hubs. She is also responsible for liaising with local councillors and transport officials to secure the spaces where van distribution can serve the locals in need, leading teams of volunteers throughout all these services, and liaising with local companies that supply surplus food and clothes.

Jennie was originally the lead singer from the 80’s pop group The Bellestars and uses some of her contacts within the industry to raise awareness of what Food For All does within the Camden area.

Lawrence Speelman

Lawrence Speelman is a volunteer coordinator for Food For All and has been working full & part-time for the charity since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. He’s a lifelong Camden resident, keen cyclist, and passionate food waste warrior.

Having now returned to full-time work, Lawrence spends most of his time managing supply chain for a plant-based yoghurt brand. However he continues to help run the charity in his free time and can still be seen on his bike delivering meals to homes on the weekends.

His personal mantra is to spread love, share music and save food.