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British Library

15 September 2023 | 35 minutes

Episode 27: British Library

Step into the world of the British Library in this episode of Camdeners. Explore the library’s storied history, its vibrant community engagement, and its commitment to sustainability. Discover the origins of the British Library, born from the British Museum Library, and how it has grown into a global cultural treasure. Learn how it connects with the local community through diverse programmes that ignite a passion for learning and creativity.

In an era of environmental challenges, find out how the British Library is championing sustainability. From reducing its carbon footprint to embracing digital conservation, the library is leading the way towards a greener future.

Join us as we celebrate the British Library’s legacy, its role in the community, and its dedication to a sustainable tomorrow.


Emma Morgan, Community Engagement Lead at the British Library

Emma has worked in community engagement, outreach and community development for over ten years. She has worked extensively with and in the community and voluntary sector as well as the public sector.

Jamal Mohamed, Community Engagement Manager at the British LIbrary

Jamal joined the British Library in February 2022. He works closely with local community groups and residents to develop collaborative projects and celebrate the great ideas and talent in the area.