19 November 2021 | 18 minutes

Episode 8: Watergen

In this episode, Jeffrey Young is joined by Anna Chernyavsky, Senior Sales Manager of Watergen. They discuss how the Watergen technology can turn air into water and how this can be used across the world to have a positive environmental and humanitarian impact.

Anna Chernyavsky
Senior Sales Manager, Watergen

Anna Chernyavsky is the Senior Sales Manager at Watergen, providing a worldwide patented revolutionary water-from-air technology.

Anna joined Watergen in September 2020, with a decade of experience in global B2B sales, strategic partnerships and sustainable business development. Previously Anna held senior commercial roles in leading Israeli companies, working closely with top executives and senior level decision makers worldwide.

Anna holds a Master of Arts in German and English linguistics from Essen University, Germany, and an Executive MBA from the University of Haifa, Israel.