22 December 2022 | 28 minutes

Episode 16: Fully Charged Live

This mini-series explores sustainable events.

Today, the events industry is more popular than ever – generating over $1.1 trillion US dollars in global revenue annually and predicted to increase more that 10% over the next 5 years. Nonetheless, the environmental impact of large scale events is significant and difficult to reduce. The very nature of events, bringing together tens if not thousands of human beings into a physical space, requires the single use of vast resources to deliver captivating experiences and crucial profitability. So, how can we ensure we leave the smallest environmental footprint possible within an industry aimed at consistently delivering ever greater spectacles to audiences? 

In this 3-part series on sustainable events, we’ve chosen three of the most impressive global event organizations with sustainability at their core to understand their visions and challenges for operating a planet-friendly event. 

In part 1, we talk with Dan Cæsar, CEO of the Fully Charged Show, the World’s No.1 Clean Energy & Electric Vehicle event. Together we explore the challenges of balancing event necessities with sustainability and how to educate partners on best practices. Fully charged is also a high-profile Podcast and YouTube channel. They discuss the rising popularity of electric vehicles and how Fully Charged Live has been a showcase for and supporter of this technology.

Dan Caesar, CEO of the Fully Charged Show

Dan Caesar is the CEO & occasional presenter of the World’s No.1 Clean Energy & Electric Vehicle show – Fully Charged. After ~20 years of investing his energy into the promotion of clean energy & electric vehicles, he is as passionate as ever about the technologies that tackle air pollution & climate change. Projects that he’s launched or worked on include:

  • Fully Charged LIVE UK
  • Fully Charged LIVE USA
  • Fully Charged LIVE EUROPE
  • Fully Charged LIVE AUSTRALIA
  • Fully Charged LIVE CANADA
  • Everything Electric SHOW
  • The Renewables Roadshow
  • Energy Storage Alliance
  • Clean Energy Live. The CORGI Awards

and more!