10 January 2022 | 27 minutes

Episode 10: Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)

In this episode, Jeffrey Young is joined by Alastair Evans, Government and Corporate Affairs Director for SMR at Rolls-Royce SMR Ltd. They discuss the topic of nuclear energy as a vital component in the solution to rapid decarbonisation and how SMRs can be a key player in this process. We learn about the development and application of SMRs and how these compare to large-scale reactors, as well as the benefits this technology may provide in accelerating green change on our planet. The episode explores the role of Rolls-Royce SMR Ltd in developing this technology, and what the future looks like with this energy solution at the forefront.

Alastair Evans
Government and Corporate Affairs Director for SMR, Rolls-Royce SMR Ltd

Alastair has 15 years of Corporate Affairs and Government experience across the energy sector, notably with NuGeneration and Neptune Energy. Alastair has a legal background and experience working in Europe, North Africa and the Asia Pacific regions on a diverse set of policy and communications challenges. Alastair is responsible for public affairs, policy, communications, and investor relations.