02 February 2021 | 38 minutes

Episode 1: Francesca Brady & Niall Ingham

Jeffrey Young is joined by the CEO and the Head of London of AirRated, Francesca Brady and Niall Ingham. Francesca and Niall discuss the work being done by AirRated to provide an AirScore as a simple and effective way for landlords, developers, and employers to communicate the health of indoor environments to their tenants, residents, and employees.

Francesca Brady
CEO, AirRated

Francesca Brady believes indoor air quality has never been so important. As CEO at AirRated, she is dedicated to promoting and educating the importance and benefits of good indoor air quality.

Francesca has been nominated as an Inspirational Woman in Tech and thanks to her work on AirScore, within her first 12 months at AirRated she got fast-tracked to the position of CEO.

AirRated has been featured in The Times, City AM, The Telegraph, Property Week, Estates Gazette alongside other industry and national papers. In 2020, AirRated was shortlisted as a finalist in the Wellbeing Technology category of the EG Tech Awards. The AirScore has also been shortlisted as a finalist for the upcoming CIBSE Building Performance Awards.

Niall Ingham
Head of London, AirRated

Niall Ingham is an advocate for the healthy buildings movement in the commercial real estate sector.

Niall started his career at Grainger, a publicly listed company with a portfolio of assets valued at £2.9 billion. In his previous role, he was an asset manager for the landmark Walkie Talkie Building. Prior to this, he was a leasing agent for CBRE specialising in The City and for creative sector occupiers looking to expand their office presence in London. For the past 12 months, he has been actively engaged in promoting AirRated as health and wellbeing certification for commercial property developers, owners, and occupiers.