23 November 2022 | 42 minutes

Episode 15: Boxabl

In this episode, Jeffrey Young is joined by Paolo Tiramani, CEO of Boxabl. He explains the amazing tech behind the most disruptive technology in housing today that can enable complete homes to be built and shipped every 60 seconds from an automotive-style production line. They discuss Boxabl’s complete re-imagination of traditional building materials, assembly and over 70 mechanical patents brought to life in an operating factory. Paolo talks methodology, rationalization, first principles, and even a little about Elon Musk’s Boxabl and much more. 

Paolo Tiramani, CEO and Majority Stakeholder at Boxabl

Paolo Tiramani is an American Industrial Designer and billionaire.

He is also an Alumnus of London’s own top-ranked University-of-the-Arts’ coincidentally located at Granary Square in the Borough of Camden.

Paolo is co-founder and CEO of Boxabl, the very disruptive building construction technology start-up located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Elon Musk was their first customer, and now operating out of their massive 300,000 sq ft factory they are scheduled to build thousands of homes annually.

Boxabl’s stated mission is to fix the global housing crisis and do good work.