17 March 2022 | 33 minutes

Episode 11: Battery Technology and Decarbonisation

In this episode, Jeffrey Young is joined by Quentin Willson, Britishvolt’s EV Advocate. They discuss the topic of battery technology, and how battery technology will help us reach our decarbonisation goals. We learn about the link between batteries and electrification, and how this solution is supporting the green revolution. This episode explores the role that Britishvolt is playing in this industry, and about their new Gigaplant at the site of the former Blyth Power Station.

Quentin Wilson
EV Advocate for Britishvolt

Quentin Willson has been driving electric cars every day for over a decade and works with government and industry to promote wider understanding of EVs and the importance of electrification. He’s campaigned with Boris Johnson when he was Mayor of London, for more charging infrastructure and is the founder of FairCharge, a lobbying campaign to keep the prices of EV charging and EVs down. He works with battery manufacturer Britishvolt to advise on EV policy and market development.