23 June 2022 | 25 minutes

Episode 12: AirScape

In this episode, Jeffrey Young is joined by Dmytro Chupryna, ESG Partnerships Director for AirScape. Dmytro talks to us about AirScape, the world’s densest air quality sensor network, that has been installed in the Borough of Camden in partnership with Camden Clean Air and Camden Council. The hyper-local, real-time sensor network aims to fundamentally transform how we monitor and manage air pollution to improve public health and well-being in urban spaces. The network will provide at least 45x more spatial resolution and refresh 60x more regularly than the network of existing air quality reference stations in Camden, capturing and reporting hyper-local air quality data every minute to map the issue in real-time. The data will contribute to impactful decision-making for all stakeholders interested in improving air quality in the Borough, from councils, individuals and communities to schools, offices, hospitals, retail and hospitality businesses. This insightful episode explores how making the invisible visible will have significant impacts on our behavior.

Dmytro Chupryna
ESG Partnerships Director for AirScape

Dmytro has spent his career working with governments and companies across the globe, with extensive commercial and charity experience. He is a passionate advocate of projects focused on sustainability and urban air quality, investing in the environment, health, and wellbeing for current and future generations. At AirScape, he leads on strategic partnerships to deliver street-level air quality data in real-time. Actionable information that will be made publicly available in 200 major cities of the world.