The Community Air Pollution Sensors (CAPS) Project will allow school pupils to be part of the solution.

Camden Clean Air has partnered with PPL PWR to create small, lightweight, portable, and low-cost air quality sensors. The Community Air Pollution Sensor (CAPS) Project was created to introduce these into schools and allow school pupils to play an active part in tracking their local air quality, as well as incorporate the findings into their education. ​​

Participating schools will be provided with these sensors, which are light enough to attach to school bags, and pupils will be encouraged to track the air quality of their walks to school to create ‘clean air walks’. As well as this PPL PWR will engage with pupils to teach them basic coding and how to read this data.

This provides a unique opportunity for school pupils to play an active role in measuring air quality and engaging with the results. We can then encourage the analysis of this data to be incorporated into the school’s curriculum.

How to get involved

We are looking for 5 schools to trial the CAPS project and be part of our case study. Your school will be provided with the sensors as well as instruction on how to use them and how to read the results. We will support you throughout the project and then highlight your school to the rest of the Borough as a leading example.

We are also looking for businesses and stakeholders to fund a school’s involvement in the project. This funding will allow a school to take part and receive the sensors along with the support that Camden Clean Air and PPL PWR will provide. Partners will be provided with updates on the project and marketing materials to share its success.

Get in touch to get involved.