The world’s densest air quality sensor network will be installed in Camden.

What is it?

In partnership with AirLabs and Camden Council, we are installing the densest network of air quality sensors in the world, right here in Camden.


At Camden Clean Air we set out to increase the number of air quality sensors around the Borough. We believed there was space for an increase in real-time and low-cost sensors so that residents can access a hyper-local understanding of the air quality. We want to use this data to encourage behavioural and policy change. Secondly, we set out to put Camden on the map as a centre of excellence for sustainability and Greentech. This project will achieve both of these things.


Camden Clean Air partnered with air quality specialists AirLabs to install 250 advanced AirNode sensors across the Borough, making it the densest network in the world. This will fundamentally transform how we monitor and manage air pollution to improve health and well-being in urban spaces.

The network will provide at least 100x more spatial resolution and refresh 60x more regularly than the network of existing air quality reference stations in Camden, capturing and reporting hyper-local air quality data every minute to map the issue in real-time. The data will contribute to impactful decision-making for all stakeholders interested in improving air quality in the Borough, from councils, individuals and communities to schools, offices, hospitals, retail and hospitality businesses.

The sensors will be deployed rapidly and once launched, the data generated from the network can be used in a myriad of ways, enabling the public to map less polluted routes from A-to-B, feeding into local traffic management policy, and providing NHS Trusts and schools with information to help raise awareness of air pollution and protect vulnerable communities. The future possibilities of how the data can be used are vast.

Get involved

Businesses, individuals, and community groups can get involved in two ways. Firstly, they can adopt a sensor within the network and contribute towards this community project. Secondly, we want each and every person and business within Camden to engage with the data. It will be free for all to access and we want to see positive change take place due to the increased understanding of the surrounding air quality.

Contact to request more information about adopting a sensor.