Our partnership with Zero Emission Vehicles Ltd (ZEV) is celebrating its first anniversary.

ZEV is highly experienced in providing products and services across the zero carbon transport sector. Now with a British-made focus, they are unique in their approach to quality, British-made products designed to support the take-up of clean transport solutions across the UK and Europe.

Here’s why Zero Emission Vehicles Ltd is involved in The Camden Clean Air Initiative, why we’re proud to have them support us, and a little more about them.

Why did you decide to get involved with The Camden Clean Air Initiative?

ZEV recognises that the Road to Zero is a cumulative effort across all areas of daily life. Participation from across the spectrum of businesses, individuals and local community, is key in driving pollution levels down in order to reduce carbon output and improve air quality for everyone.  The Camden Clean Air Initiative takes a holistic approach to involving everyone who lives, works and visits the Camden area, to participate and work together to support these changes and make the Borough a cleaner environment for all.

What are your plans for being involved?

ZEV provide quality electric vehicle charging leads to enable drivers making the switch to cleaner electric powered vehicles to be confident that re-charging their vehicle will be an easy and reliable process.

What do you love most about Camden?

Camden is a colourful and diverse part of London with a passionate and vibrant population.

A little more about Zero Emission Vehicles Ltd

Our latest range of EV Charging Cable products have been designed and produced to reflect the changes in requirements from our customers.  We acknowledge the demand for British-made, quality products, flexible solutions, short delivery times and outstanding customer service, are now the key considerations for businesses and individuals looking to source and provide reliable, quality products, made locally and therefore with a lower carbon footprint that their counterparts.

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