We are delighted to announce our partnership with myenergi.

myenergi create eco-home energy management solutions, build Solar Electric Vehicle chargers and Solar Power Diverters in the UK.

Here’s why myenergi is involved in The Camden Clean Air Initiative, why we’re proud to have them support us, and a little more about them.

Why you support The Camden Clean Air Initiative?

We decided to get involved following encouraging reports of air quality improvement and environmental recovery which was highlighted globally during the early stages of lockdown 2020.

This was largely due to the decrease in daily commutes via ICE Internal combustion engines, such as taxis, busses, lorry’s, planes and other modes of transportation that use gas.

The Camden clean air initiative looks to address the air quality on a local level benefiting thousands of individuals that reside there, but also for hundreds and thousands of people visiting each year to enjoy the creative quirks Camden has to offer. 

What are your plans for being involved?

We plan on funding an air filtering device at a local school, alongside a special install of our solar compatible electric vehicle charging point. It’s important to us to educate the next generation and make sure they are excited about making the world a greener place.

What do you love most about Camden?

There is so much to love about the Camden area, it’s a thriving hub for artists, musicians, food lovers and more! It’s a place where you can sit and watch the world go by while all senses are stimulated, for this reason we want people to be able to sit for longer knowing the air is safe and they can return for years to come.

A little more about myenergi

myenergi are the innovators and creators of the world’s first solar compatible electric vehicle (EV) charger, the zappi. This future-proof charger has enabled thousands of people globally to drive their electric cars and electric bikes without contributing to air pollution.

We aim to educate, inspire and support those who are adapting and embracing the ever-evolving world of electric vehicles and smart home energy management.

For more information, contact sales@myenergi.com or visit marketing@myenergi.com.

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