We are delighted to announce our new partnership with ElectriX.

ElectriX, powered by LV= General Insurance, offers a knowledge hub and one-stop shop which provides drivers with everything they need to get on the road with an electric car – from leasing a vehicle, through to buying a home charger and getting insurance.

Here’s why ElectriX is involved in The Camden Clean Air Initiative, why we’re proud to have them support us, and a little more about them. 

Why do you support The Camden Clean Air Initiative?

Our core values align really well – ElectriX is about helping people to better understand the electric vehicle (EV) landscape, and to help them make an easy and informed switch to an EV if they’re in a position to do so. This will ultimately help clean up our local air quality. Poor air quality is linked to 40,000 early deaths in the UK each year, at a cost of £20bn to our economy. Road vehicles are responsible for 91% of the UK’s annual domestic transport CO2 emissions; cars and vans alone are responsible for 70% of that total. So it’s easy to see that electric cars are a critical tool to help meet our local air quality and climate change goals – by virtue of the fact that they are zero tailpipe emission.

What are your plans for being involved?

We’re excited at the opportunity to meet Camden residents and businesses, to engage with them and to understand how we can maybe help break down any perceived barriers to making the switch to an EV – whether that’s around cost, charging infrastructure, concerns about range or even battery life. We’re always happy to share our experiences of driving electric cars, and discuss any hot topics on EVs that people would like to explore.

What do you love most about Camden?

The diversity, in every sense of the word. Camden embodies a rich mix of cultures, communities, landmarks, green spaces, and

Camden is an amazing community – vibrant, diverse, and buzzing with its famous markets and biodiversity-rich green spaces. What’s not to love about Camden?!

A little more about ElectriX:

Many drivers are interested in making the switch but are potentially confused or put off by upfront costs, the fear of the unknown when it comes to range anxiety and battery life, or the challenges of charging while on the road. ElectriX helps solve these issues by demystifying the buying experience and making it easy to go electric by providing everything in one place. From finding the right car through vehicle leasing experts CBVC Vehicle Management, providing a home charging solution via leading provider Indra, and offering bespoke insurance from LV= General Insurance as well as useful guidance and advice, ElectriX is designed to give drivers confidence in electric cars.

To discover more about electric cars, leasing (personal, business, or salary sacrifice), home charging and insurance, head over to ElectriX. We’re here to help.

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