The philosophy behind The Camden Clean Air Initiative has always been to aim high and dream big. 

Through our Get Involved page, we have offered many ways for each and every person in Camden to reduce air pollution. We believe, however, that these efforts will only be rewarded if combined with some larger successes. 

We promise you, the people of Camden, that we will work alongside you to bring about real, lasting change. 


We will work with the government and local council to bring about real, structural change within Camden. 

We have visions of main roads blocked off to cars and vehicles, and instead having trees and green spaces down the middle, safe places for children to ride their bikes and run around, and clean air for all to breathe. 

We want to encourage policy change, such as a ban on parking in front of schools or taxis idling outside shops. We see car parking spaces being turned into safe bike parking areas. We want the council to allow us access to space that we can convert into safe bike lock ups, or places where delivery drivers can drop off packages for people to collect. 

With the support of the local council, we will be able to transform Camden into a haven for walking and cycling. With this in place, it means that your efforts to reduce vehicle emissions and spend more time on bike or foot are rewarded with an environment that allows you to do so.