The philosophy behind The Camden Clean Air Initiative has always been to aim high and dream big. 

Through our Get Involved page, we have offered many ways for each and every person in Camden to reduce air pollution. We believe, however, that these efforts will only be rewarded if combined with some larger successes. 

We promise you, the people of Camden, that we will work alongside you to bring about real, lasting change. 


We aim to work with key stakeholders in the Borough of Camden. Through gaining their support and their promise to reduce vehicle emissions, we will be able to see significant improvements to the quality of air. Whether this means they go all-electric by the year 2030, or whether their offices become more cycle friendly for their thousands of staff members, we will encourage them to do so.

We also ask these companies for funding. As major players in Camden, they too would benefit from clean air. With their support, we can implement real change. We would have the funds to incentivize clean air competitions at workplaces and schools, we could fund the conversion of cars to electric, we could purchase more electric scooters and bikes for people to use. 

By checking in with these flagship companies on a regular basis, we will be able to monitor their progress and offer support where needed. 

It is only by getting these larger businesses on board that we can hope to see the quality of the air we breathe improve.