The philosophy behind The Camden Clean Air Initiative has always been to aim high and dream big. 

Through our Get Involved page, we have offered many ways for each and every person in Camden to reduce air pollution. We believe, however, that these efforts will only be rewarded if combined with some larger successes. 

We promise you, the people of Camden, that we will work alongside you to bring about real, lasting change.


As well as individual households and companies taking part in our projects, we believe that by introducing some borough-wide initiatives we will be able to maximize the impact of everybody’s hard work. 

No Car Tuesday is an idea that could bring about incredibly positive change. By encouraging as many people as possible within Camden to leave their car at home for just one day a week, we will be able to greatly reduce vehicle emissions. 

Looking further ahead, could we support the conversion of 500 cars in Camden to electric? Imagine the impact that this would have on our air. It is only by aiming for these heights that we can hope to see significant change. 

With the funding that we aim to receive from major Camden companies, we will buy air pollution monitors and distribute then across the borough. This will allow us to provide real-time air pollution levels and hopefully educate the wider community about the issue. This will also allow us to track our progress, and provide positive updates when our air quality improves. 

A huge polluter of our air is coach companies. Coaches are often old models and they pump dangerous levels of particulates and toxic nitrogen oxides into the air, which can cause respiratory disease and heart attacks. Camden is a hotspot for tourist groups, so we see high numbers of coaches driving through our borough daily and polluting the air we breathe. Can we impose higher charges for coaches who wish to drive through Camden? Or can we introduce policy that only newer, more environmentally-friendly coaches can travel through? To us, the future is electric. Can we get funding to convert the Camden based coach companies to electric? We believe anything is possible.