The philosophy behind The Camden Clean Air Initiative is that we all have the right to clean air. 

We want to create a clean and safe Camden for all. We aim to transform Camden into a haven for walking and cycling, work with local government and major Camden-based companies, and introduce borough-wide initiatives and policy change. Your efforts to reduce vehicle emissions and spend more time on bike or foot will be rewarded with an environment that allows you to do so. We believe it will take 5 years to achieve this vision, and here’s how we’re going to do it…

Our 10 long-term projects:

  1. No Car Tuesdays
  2. Block roads off to cars and vehicles and fill the space with trees and eateries, creating safe and beautiful places
  3. Convert 100 car parking spaces into parklets with space for benches, plants, and bike lock-ups
  4. Policy change such as a ban on parking in front of schools or idling outside of shops
  5. Convert 500 cars in Camden to electric
  6. Push for the construction of safe bike lock-ups
  7. Distribute 100 air pollution monitors across the borough
  8. Increase electric charging infrastructure around public housing estates
  9. Convert our Routemaster bus to electric with the support of our community to advertise our mission
  10. Transform Camden into a centre of excellence in the environmental and technological landscape, creating high-tech and high-value jobs