The Camden Clean Air Initiative will work with employers to reduce the impact their businesses have on the air quality in Camden.

With the goal to raise awareness on the severity of the air pollution crisis and reshape harmful company practices, we are pushing for immediate steps to be made towards long-term change in the borough and beyond. However, we can only remedy this problem with the involvement and commitment of businesses, large and small, that operate in Camden.

5 Point Plan to Become a Greener Business

There are many ways both employers and employees can work to improve the quality of air they breathe, both in and out of the workplace. From looking at the impact your current journey to work has on air quality, to introducing specific steps and measures you and your company can take to improve the air in your office, we have all the tools you need to start making a difference below.

1. Reduce Vehicle Journeys
2. Make Cleaner Commutes
3. Implement Greener Infrastructure
4. Improve Indoor Air Quality
5. Develop a Recycling Scheme

Click here to download a PDF copy of our 5 Point Plan For Camden Workplaces.