Camden Clean Air is always looking for volunteers to help support our projects, as well as offer work experience to young people considering a career in the non-profit or sustainability sector.

Here is some more information about the type of tasks involved with volunteering and work experience. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.


We offer a range of ways to get involved with varying time commitments. Volunteer activities currently include:

  • Circulating information materials
  • Fundraising for new initiatives
  • Collecting signatures for petitions or campaigns we may be running
  • Attending meetings and hearings on behalf of your neighbourhood
  • Using your digital marketing skills to help build our social media
  • Contributing any relevant expertise to the Initiative
  • Do research for a new project 
  • Create a presentation for a school workshop or assembly  
  • Create content for social media posts 
  • Write blogs  
  • Sit in on client meetings 

Work experience

  • Help with brainstorming sessions 
  • Hand out flyers at local businesses, schools, and households for upcoming events (this may be unsupervised) 
  • Send emails to potential sponsors ahead of events 
  • Build the database 
  • Assist the team at events 
  • Create materials such as fundraising packs using platforms such as Canva 
  • Create invites for public launches  
  • Assist other team members with their daily tasks  

What people have said about work experience with Camden Clean Air

There was a lot of planning and rotation in what we did. I never felt like I was repeating something and always actively doing something but at the same time not overwhelmed because I could always ask for help.

Student from LaSWAP

I was here for a full week and each day I got to work on different skills as we were working with someone different in the company each day. This meant I got to have a full experience of all the jobs available at a company like this, which I found was extremely valuable. I was able to make a meaningful contribution to a cause. Something as small as being given a desk and an email to work from also made me feel very welcome and included at the company and I now know what it’s actually like working in an office space. I am very grateful to have had this experience and it is something I would definitely love to do again.

Student from LaSWAP

Even though I was only here for 3 days, I feel I’ve learned so much. I had the opportunity to pick up so many different skills (blogs, spreadsheets, meetings, emails, flyer distribution) along with feeling much more connected to the environmental work going on in my local area. I also had the incredible opportunity to go to a workshop at Google (and received a very nice reusable water bottle). Unlike other work experience placements I have previously completed, CCAI made me feel like part of the team, from getting a company email address and signature, to speaking to schools on behalf of the organization and helping build a database that will actually be used, instead of just sitting and watching other people work for the day. Everyone on the CCAI team was so lovely, friendly and knowledgeable and I would absolutely love to stay connected to the company in some respect in the future through volunteering or some other means.

Student from LaSWAP