Here, you will find a range of resources for you to use freely as you are a valued Camden Clean Air School. Included are interactive tasks and activities for students and staff to carry out.

Please contact us if you have any issues accessing or find errors within your chosen document. Enjoy!

Environmental class tasks

Students can tick off if they have completed an environmentally friendly class task either placed already on the sheet or any other task that fits!

How I helped the environment this week

Why stop at school? Ask students to keep track and write down the eco-friendly tasks they happen to carry out at home!

Renewable VS. Non Renewable

Test their knowledge! This quick, simple and fun task sheet asks students to identify whether these forms of energy are good or bad for the environment.

Break time cycling rota

Organise two teachers to take charge of weekly bike rides during break times, assigning one class to each day of the week (rota changes weekly).

No Car Tuesday poster

Put up your No Car Tuesday poster around school to encourage alternative travel Tuesday’s!

Air Quality Wordsearch

A fun activity for students during their spare time.

Its Question Time!

Let’s test your knowledge of air pollution with this speed round of questions!

Walk to school planner

Try and get high scores using our walk to school planner.

Air Pollution Fact Sheet

Enhance the students knowledge of air pollution. It is important that although the students are carrying out eco-friendly tasks, they should understand why!

Coffee Mornings poster

Invite students and guardians for a rewarding coffee, juice and croissant in the early morning after their walk or cycle to school.

After school cycling rota

This rota allows classes to be assigned to each day of the week, and chaperoned by two teachers to lead after school school cycling sessions!

Class assembly sheet

Each class can organise an assembly devoted to an environmental topic of their choice! This sheet can be placed outside your school’s hall.

How I Travel To School

Encourage the students to find alternative ways to travel to school and log them each day.

Recycling guide and graphics

A useful guide to using the correct bins when recycling. Make sure the students understand that the difference is key!

Walk to school bingo

A great way to make walking to school more fun!

Guide to air purifying plants

Learn about which plants have specific air purifying qualities.

Looking for more? The wonderful Global Action Plan has a number of resources and guides for schools:

London Schools Pollution Helpdesk

The helpdesk is a free-to-use service, to help London schools to take action on air pollution. It is funded by the Mayor of London and Impact on Urban Health. The helpdesk can support schools through:

  • advice on improving air quality in and around the school.
  • help to develop a Clean Air Action Plan.
  • educational sessions to help young people learn more about air pollution.
  • direction towards funding streams and help to complete applications.

Schools, educators and community members can get in touch with any queries via phone: 020 4534 3910 or email: pollutionhelpdesk@globalactionplan.org.uk

Clean Air Schools Framework

This is an online self-audit tool to help schools prioritise which actions they should take to tackle air pollution. It’s relatively quick to complete (takes around 30 minutes), asks a few questions about the school circumstances, and then provides prioritised actions for the school to choose with supporting resources and case studies.

Learning Resources

Global Action Plan has lots of learning resources around air pollution on the Transform Our World site (as well as on wider environmental issues).