The Camden Clean Air Initiative works with local schools to reduce their environmental impact.

We will tackle the harmful practices of transportation, encouraging safer ways to travel whilst students and staff enjoy effective and innovative tasks that work alongside the Camden community. 

Our Camden Clean Air Schools are provided with the resources to work towards sustainable and long-term change while engaging the pupils with the issue of air pollution in an interactive and educational way. 

What’s included?

  • Resources for teachers: Interactive and easy to use resources for teachers to use in class
  • Resources for parents: Resources for parents to follow to keep their children’s learning going at home
  • Camden Clean Air Calendar: This calendar highlights all the important dates in the environmental calendar that are taking place across the country, city, or borough, as well as the opportunity to take part in Camden Clean Air organised events
  • Community Coffee Project: This project partners schools with local hospitality businesses to organise the drop off of coffee grounds waste at the school garden
  • CAPS Project: This project involves students at schools using lightweight, portable air quality sensors to track their walk to school, allowing us to create clean air walking routes around Camden
  • No Car Tuesday: Get involved with our No Car Tuesday campaign and join the rest fo the Borough in encouraging active travel every Tuesday
  • Recognition and celebration: The Camden Clean Air Initiative will celebrate the achievements of all our members through press releases, newsletters, and social media
  • Podcasts: Schools that go above and beyond in their efforts to improve air quality will be rewarded with opportunities such as creating or featuring in a podcast recorded at Serendipity Studios in Camden
  • Workshops: Camden Clean Air Schools will be notified about workshop opportunities from the likes of Tesla and other companies in the world of sustainability and green tech

Camden Clean Air Schools

Community Coffee Project

CAPS Project

Healthy School Streets