No Car Tuesday is a campaign created by The Camden Clean Air Initiative, promoting active travel every Tuesday.

The Campaign aims to reduce vehicle emissions, increase active travel, and get Camden involved with a community-wide campaign.

Why are we promoting No Car Tuesday?

Since April 2020, global daily emission levels have dropped by 17%, and we want to maintain this decrease for the health of our Camden community. By promoting active travel at least once a week, we will see an improvement in our residents’ physical and mental health, as well as the air quality of Camden.

Who can get involved?

Everyone can get involved with No Car Tuesday! Households, can you cycle, walk, or use public transport on Tuesdays? Hospitality businesses, think about your deliveries – can you avoid having these on a Tuesday? Schools, what can you do to encourage your pupils and staff to get active and leave the car at home? Workplaces, how can you encourage your employees to find alternative ways to get to work?

Need inspiration? Sign up as a Camden Clean Air household, workplace, school, or hospitality business for resources and support on making these healthy switches.

Share your efforts!

Use the hashtag #nocartuesday to show the community your hard work! Feel free to also send us your positive stories and photos for our achievements page and newsletter!