The Camden Clean Air guide to Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Low-Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) are where bollards, planters or strategic “point closures” are installed in a road to allow vehicle access to all addresses in a neighbourhood but reduce through traffic. Along with vehicle barriers, pavement widening and other measures are also often introduced to prevent cars and encourage travel by foot and bike.

LTNs make residential streets more pleasant and much safer for the people living there by reducing motor traffic, and in doing so, reduce air pollution, noise pollution, and road accidents. This new space can be used for socialising, playing, as well as supporting local businesses.

Putting priority back into walking and cycling and taking it away from vehicles is how we are going to achieve cleaner air. This has become especially true since the pandemic and the new need to adapt the space around us, creating healthier, safer, and greener spaces for our community.

How to apply for an LTN

If you would like your street to become an LTN then get in touch with us and we can provide you with more information on the next steps.

Share your thoughts or make a request

We want to provide Camden Council with the positive responses to LTNs across the Borough, as well as share requests and thoughts by the community. Use this space to have your voice heard!