Become a Camden Clean Air Household.

Becoming a Camden Clean Air Hospitality Household means you and your family are committed to improving the air quality around Camden. We will offer resources and support to help you create positive change at home through small lifestyle changes and new ways of thinking.

We will keep you up to date with our progress, and provide you with everything you will need to engage your household with this initiative.

What’s Included?

  • A detailed 5-point plan of ways to reduce air pollution from home
  • Fun and interactive games and competitions for the whole family to enjoy
  • A healthier, happier household
  • A Camden Clean Air Household window sticker to show your neighbours that you are part of the movement
  • Discount codes for partner household brands and local companies
  • Updates on our progress through newsletters and emails
  • We will consider your street for a parklet
  • Activities and advice for your garden to encourage air purifying plants

It costs only £25 to become a Camden Clean Air Household and be part of the clean air journey. Everything listed above is included as well as a membership Welcome Pack which will be automatically emailed to you. This includes links and downloads to access the resources, the discount codes, and further information on the benefits of being a Camden Clean Air Hospitality Business.