The Camden Clean Air Initiative will work with residents of Camden, providing them with the tools and resources they need to implement positive change.

Camden is a wonderful place to live, and we believe that the residents have a right to breathe clean, safe air. We want to empower each person living in Camden, and provide them with a voice. By working together, each small effort that is made will amount to significant, positive change.

Become a Camden Clean Air Household.

Becoming a Camden Clean Air Household means you are committing yourself and your household to change. We will support you in your journey to lifestyle and home improvements that will actively and directly improve the air quality around you. You will join many other Camden residents in our journey to cleaner air.

Take Action

Tackling the air pollution crisis in Camden is a shared endeavour.

We need the commitment and involvement of the local community to both make our concerns heard and to reach our immediate and long-term environmental goals. While tackling big picture issues such as road transport emissions, The Camden Clean Air Initiative will also work to spearhead matters deemed important by the local community. 

One way to take action is by volunteering for us. We have a number of opportunities available.

By subscribing to our newsletter we will keep you up to date with any relevant activity taking place that you can get involved with such as petitions that need signing, local meetings that need attending, or policy changes that need supporting.