Become a Camden Clean Air Hospitality Business.

Becoming a Camden Clean Air Hospitality Business means you and your store are committed to improving the air quality around Camden. We will offer resources and support to help you create positive change through improved workplace practices and employee behaviours.

We will promote your company across our website and social media and you will become one of the many Camden Clean Air Businesses. We will provide awareness and recognition of your store, showing our supporters that your business is environmentally responsible.


  • We will put you on the Camden Clean Air map
  • We will promote you across our social media and website
  • You will have healthier staff
  • You will receive access to assets including logos and a window sticker
  • You can choose to be entered into the Delivery Partnership Scheme
  • We will provide you with resources and support including the detailed 5-point plan
  • We will consider your storefront or street for a Parklet
  • You will receive discount codes for partner brands

It costs only £10 per month to become a Camden Clean Air Hospitality Business and be part of the clean air journey. Everything listed above is included as well as a membership Welcome Pack which will be automatically emailed to you. This includes a marketing tool kit, links and downloads to access the logos and resources, the discount codes, and further information on the benefits of being a Camden Clean Air Hospitality Business.