Become a part of The Camden Clean Air Initiative today.

Working closely with all community stakeholders, Camden Clean Air is a powerful platform for our partners to connect with, increase sales, and enhance their sustainability objectives across the Camden Borough.

From introductions to key stakeholders to grass-roots community engagement, Camden Clean Air provides partners a diverse network to engage with.

Why Become a Partner?

Stakeholder Engagement

We will use our platform and relationships across the Borough to introduce you to relevant stakeholders. These introductions will be designed specifically for your brand, leading to partnerships and projects beneficial to the environment and your business.

Community Engagement

Camden Clean Air has a growing membership programme across four key community groups; households, workplaces/small businesses, schools, and hospitality businesses. We provide partners with community engagement opportunities through marketing, events, and the ability to utilise our platform to gain consumer insight.  

Increase Brand Awareness

With the trust of the community, we promote brands that we align with and believe in to create a positive difference across the Borough. Our marketing channels, podcast series, and events provide partners with a platform to grow their brand awareness across community groups, businesses and local authorities.

Grow Brand CSR

We are looking to develop successful partnerships with companies doing great work towards combatting the air pollution crisis and the local Camden businesses, which is why we will go all out to create a partnership that works for you.

To find out more about partnership opportunities and how to can get involved, please get in touch by requesting a brochure below.