At Camden Clean Air we aim to be a voice for the community and share their views with large companies and decision-makers.

Camden Clean Air conducts surveys to gain insight into community trends and demands to ensure that all our projects and the work of our partners reflect this.

We are working with Ubitricity and Otto Car to increase the electric charging infrastructure for those who need it most.

The Camden Clean Air Initiative is working to install more electric vehicle (EV) charging points around public housing estates to provide charging infrastructure to residents without private driveways and help reduce Camden’s carbon footprint.

Research conducted by Ubitricity, Otto Car, and Camden Clean Air found that 84% of drivers would prefer to drive an EV, however, two-thirds of these residents do not have access to a driveway, meaning they must rely on on-street charging. Considering that taxi and PCO (private hire)drivers are driving on average 100 miles a day, we knew that if we could provide the infrastructure to these drivers they would be able to purchase EVs, and we could significantly reduce vehicle emissions within the Borough.

We have, therefore, created a survey for drivers where we collect their EV preferences and home postcodes. We share this information with the Council so that each time they install new charge points, they may consider prioritising these locations and in doing so provide the infrastructure to those who need it the most.

Now is the time to electrify Camden, improve our air quality, and create a safer and cleaner space for our community! If you would like to support the electrification of Camden, then please get in touch.

A discussion of sustainability, transport, and air quality.

We created a community-wide survey in order to gain a better understanding of how to enable the shift away from privately owned cars in Camden. We wanted to understand how we could achieve behaviour change so we ran a survey and community workshop to listen to the voices of those living and working in Camden.

Summary of key findings

Key findings from the survey identified:  

  • 88% of people are either very concerned or concerned about air pollution.
  • Of those that use a car that don’t own one they would use the following modes:
    • Nearly 60% would hire a taxi
    • Nearly 45% would use a car club
    • Just over 40% would get a friend with a car to help
    • Just over 30% would rent a car

The survey also identified that over 70% of non-car owners still require a vehicle at certain points in time such as moving heavy items including shopping, or transporting children, elderly, and for those times when there is no public transport These present a significant challenge to overcome if we are going to reduce vehicle use in Camden.  We also explored how these journeys could be made as green as possible and analysed the role that car sharing could play.  The research found that 42% of residents said that if they had access to a shared one-way rental electric car, this would encourage them to get rid of their private car.  

As there are approximately 40,000 car owners in Camden, if 40% of these sold their cars this could lead to 16,000 cars being taken off the road.