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Exciting news! Local landscaping company, Levene Landscapes, has agreed to design Camden Clean Air’s Parklet completely pro bono to help us achieve our goal of creating beautiful space for the community.

Led by Design Director and Founder, Max Levene, their dedicated team provides a comprehensive garden and landscape design service, creating distinctive and functional outdoor spaces across London, the South East, and further afield. With a multi-disciplinary background in interior design, graphics, and art, Max’s eclectic design aesthetic and creative intuition shines through in every bespoke commission. Using the latest in 3D Visualisation software, they create immersive virtual reality designs, walkthroughs, and animations, an invaluable visual tool in helping their clients realise their dream environment. From bold urban roof terraces to elegant country gardens, all of their designs are individually tailored to their clients’ aspirations, lifestyle, and budget, as well as complementing the property’s interior design and architecture.

For this reason we are so excited to have Levene Landscapes on board!

Progress so far:

The Camden Clean Air team sat down (virtually) with Max to discuss our Parklet and the process we are working through with Camden Council in order to put together our proposal. We explained to Max that as part of our proposal, we needed to present design plans. We talked him through the main aspects that we would like to see in the design, as well as what we hope the Parklet will achieve for the wider community. For us, this Parklet is all about clean air and there are three main ways we hope to see this happen:

  • Active Travel: Active travel is an obvious way to reduce air pollution. For this reason, we would like to see a bike rack incorporated into the design.
  • Beautiful space for the community: This is what will make people chose to stay local rather than travel outside of their community. If we can fill communities with beautiful spaces for socialising or relaxing, then there will be less of a need to leave. For this reason, we would like to see a beautifully designed seating area incorporated into the design.
  • Green space: Green space is so important in improving air quality. For this reason, we would like to see as much green space incorporated into the design as possible, with a particular focus on plants that are specifically known for their air-purifying qualities.

We provided Max with the following image as a rough idea of what we were envisioning, hoping he would be able to transform this into a professional and functional design.

Keep up to date with our project’s process here.

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