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A Sustainable Solution for Delivery Drivers

HumanForest have launched its eMoped trail, aiming to provide a more sustainable transport solution to delivery communities across the City of London which provide drivers with flexible accessibility to travel.  

The trial consists of 200 vehicles, all fully powered by certified renewable energy to be rented by business delivery riders. The HumanForest eMoped is a state of the art electric vehicle for longer trips, offering a 70 mile range, dual electric batteries, an integrated USB charging point, phone holder, integrated GPS tracking and alarm system, as well as a 40L Top Box equipped with HumanForest eMoped helmet.  
In keeping with the HumanForest business model, every user is given five minutes free per day. Rides will cost £0.20p per minute thereafter, or customers can benefit from buying minute bundles, allowing them to ride from £1.50 per hour. Users will also be charged per kilometre ridden. 

Combustible mopeds are by far the most popular vehicle for on demand deliveries in London, and yet eMopeds are only used for 5% of deliveries. By making the eMopeds affordable and accessible, HumanForest believes it can help businesses and riders switch to an environmentally friendly mode of transport. Providing a solution that is not only carbon neutral but also reduces noise pollution.  

The eMopeds will be made available in certain areas of central London, close to transport links and highstreets to increase demand of courier and delivery drivers. Users will be able to park these within chosen public parking areas or solo motorcycle bays made visible on their app.  

Post Author: Georgina McGivern