We are creating a network of air quality sensors across Camden with Official Partner AirLabs.

What are the advantages of data?

Having a strong understanding of the air quality around you has multiple benefits. Firstly, it raises awareness of the issue, helping the community understand the seriousness of the situation. Secondly, with this increased understanding, people can make the changes needed to their lifestyle and behaviours. Thirdly, data can be used to show the positive effect of certain policies and measures such as the air quality before and after an Low Traffic Neighbourhood or a Healthy School Street are installed.

What is the current situation in Camden?

We are aiming to create a vast network of sensors across the Borough. The existing reference stations provide highly accurate data but due to the cost of them, London is not able to install large numbers. There are many more diffusion tubes, however these need to be taken off to labs to have the data analysed. We believe therefore that there is a space for low-cost sensors that can be installed in high numbers that provide real-time data. Camden Clean Air believes that there is a need to create a map of air quality data across the Borough to provide the community with granular, street-by-street data.

What are we doing?

Camden Clean Air has partnered with AirLabs to create a network of sensors across the Borough of Camden. This will provide the community with detailed air quality data, increasing their awareness of the issue and allowing Camden Clean Air to recommend projects and lifestyle changes that will positively impact their health. There is a strong need for granular data, and it is only by creating an entire network of air quality sensors across the Borough that we will be able to obtain the quality of data needed to spark change. ​​

We are turning to stakeholders across the Borough to install these sensors across their sites and set an example to the rest of the Borough. We are also asking businesses, big or small, and Camden residents to get involved and either own or host a sensor to add to the growing map of air quality. Businesses are also able to ‘sponsor’ a sensor somewhere within the Borough such as outside a local school. By coming together as a Borough, Camden will become the number one place in the world for air quality data.

How to get involved?

If you would like to install an air quality sensor at home, at work, or on your land, please get in touch. Likewise, if you would like to contribute to the network without having one yourself by sponsoring a number around the Borough, please get in touch.